Education is key to fat loss & Weight loss

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March 26, 2019
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Education is key to fat loss & Weight loss

Education is key to weight loss and fat loss


By Neil Godly Head coach Oxygen Fit Personal training

Have you failed at losing Body fat, because you have never focused on all the elements health, fitness  & Diet

Going to the gym or forcing healthy food down you, isn’t showing an interest in the journey or educating yourself, you’re just doing it because you think it’ll help you lose weight.

One of the questions I ask overweight clients at their consultation is, how much interest do you have in food, your health, and living longer? I find that this question really gives me a good idea as to how well the person will do on our programme.  Free Consultation Here

Those who have moved away from following the off the shelf weight loss diets, have found themselves reading more health, nutrition and fat loss books. This still gets confusing for them, but at least they’re starting to read more information about what really works. It’s not until you start educating yourself, that you realise what you’ve been doing for years really doesn’t work.  <Get the Answer now>

Have you ever found that you don’t do something until you fully understand why? Well weight loss and fat loss is no different. You won’t be successful until you take a direct interest and start to understand why you’ve not achieved success in the past.

Fat loss is all about individualisation, so a weight loss or fat loss plan that you follow out of a book, will always see you hitting a plateau.

One of the biggest tips I can give to any larger person looking to lose weight, is to become educated. Don’t start another crazy weight loss diet, take a step back and start reading material about how you really should take control of your health, body, mind and spirit.

Whilst these aren’t a blue print for achieving your own final result (this is where comes in), you’ll learn what really works, what diets do and don’t work, why eating healthy doesn’t have to be boring, and how you can achieve dramatically improved health.

Become educated and have life long lasting results.