Team Oxygen Fit and our Personal Training Clients

Team Oxygen Fit is a small friendly and professional group of Personal Trainers, who specialise in clients who are looking for a Personal Trainer or Personal Training Team for:

• Professionals that want to improve their health, fitness, and wellbeing

• Over 50’s who want to improve movement, health and energy

Our programmes will rebuild your health and fitness

  • Increase weight loss
  • Improve strength
  • Decrease stress
  • Improve your body shape
  • Increase stamina


• Community We strive to build a group of motivated people who support each other
• Respect We believe in valuing ourselves and each other
• Inspire We are dedicated to constantly engage and excite
• Progress We are committed to helping our community continually improve
• Personal Responsibility We expect our team and our clients to take ownership of
their actions


Oxygen Fit began in Summer 2010, initially as a family-run independent gym. Having reached a peak of over 600 members and seeing many gym users simply pay-and-not-show, Emma and Neil sought to improve the business model, becoming a ‘Personal Training Club’ in 2013, serving clients looking for Personal Trainers with a more personal service, and now prides itself on delivering real results, with genuine commitment from clients achieving their goals, working regularly with Personal Trainers who care.


  • WINNER ‘Happiest Gym in Britain’, Clubwise & UK Active
  • WINNER ‘Top Rated Gym London’, PAYGym
  • WINNER ‘International Personal Training Team’, NPE
  • WINNER ‘New Gym of the Year’, National Fitness Awards
  • FINALIST ‘Member Achievement’, National Fitness Awards
  • FINALIST ‘Best Community Gym’, National Fitness Awards


Neil has worked in Fitness for over 25 years.  With a BSc Hons Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation, Neil previously owned an Injury Clinic, and has been fortunate to work with some incredible athletes and professionals, including:


  • British Rugby Team
  • Italian Olympic Gymnast Team
  • Tennis pros
  • Very successful Actors & Actresses
  • Toured with Pop Bands at height of popularity, Inc. Busted, McFly and Five


Emma has run numerous independent businesses 


  • Aged 14 began a car washing business with her mum’s bucket & sponge
  • Ran underground Raves in the early 90’s
  • Market Stall Trader in Marylebone and St. Albans


Emma grew up in a sedentary household, and didn’t find fitness until late teens, where she embarked upon Martial Arts and joined the Territorial Army, which got her running and Recruit Training.  Now Emma is a Level 3 Ante & Post Natal Specialist, but since second child focuses mainly on running Operations & Strategy behind the scenes.