Oxygen Fit Client Reviews

Warren Lipman, 42

Company Director

I needed to improve my overall fitness levels, improve my diet and change my body shape.. I have never been fitter or in better shape which is a massive achievement for a 42 year old fella! I have increased confidence, fitness levels and overall well being. It’s a no brainer – do it now, don’t delay and change your life for the better.

Michelle Boyle, 49

Sales Progression

“I needed to lose weight and exercise after a major accident. I had hardly any movement and was in constant pain, now my shoulder has improved dramatically and there is very little pain, to add to that I have lost weight and feel fitter. It may be a little more expensive but the results are well worth it.”

Andy Tudor, 38

Game Designer

“I had a black belt karate grading coming up, and wanted to get in the best shape so I could to pass. I can now do double the press-ups and lunges in a minute since joining, and hold a plank for double time too. Plus, I’ve gained muscle weight, increased arm, chest, and thigh size whilst also dropping waist size. When it came time to get that black belt, I succeeded 😉 Having a trainer giving bespoke tasks each session and keeping it interesting by not repeating the same thing each week means every time you visit the gym it’s a different experience and something you actually look forward to rather than dread or feel is a slog. That, plus everyone’s so goddamn nice, it’s like walking into a bar. Except with 100% less flaming Sambuca’s.”

Emma Gower, 40

Market Data Manager

“I decided that it was time to focus on myself. I had been a member of other gyms, I ended up never going and wasting a lot of money. I feel absolutely great, my whole mindset has changed, I am focused, I plan what I am going to eat, I’m attending all the sessions, actually enjoying it and doing more outside of the gym. My energy levels have increased and I sleep a lot better.”

Penny Georgiades, 69


“I needed some strength and to get fitter. I can genuinely say that through the care and attention to detail from my trainers I feel stronger, healthier, more alert, not lethargic and I feel more prepared to deal with everyday life."

Emma Sarjant, 47

Funeral Director

“As I was getting older I was finding it hard to maintain a healthy weight. Since joining the programme, I have improved my fitness level, energy level whilst doing this I have lost 19lbs.

Phil Mullenger, 28

IT Manager

“After a summer of excess both eating and drinking a little too much of what I wanted, I'd gotten into bad habits and was struggling to get back on track. I have lost over a stone in weight, toned up and my clothes now fit me. I'm also finding I'm much more alert & sleeping well.”